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School Safety Audit/Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our friends at the TX School Safety Center have some excellent resources available online and for FREE.


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S.A.F.E. TEAM is in the Top 50 for the Video Contest PLEASE for US!!!

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As of August 1st, you can go and cast your vote for the S.A.F.E. TEAM video as part of the American Airlines and SCORE Association contest.  Help us make it to the finals to win over $50k in tickets, advertising and promotion.  Vote every day for the S.A.F.E. TEAM video.  Checkout the following press releases to learn more.


Sys.con Media


Sacramento Bee


Effective Leaders Communicate Effectively

The CIO for Schools And Families Engaged, Scott Huse, invested time on April 30th to offer a keynote and workshop for the AR PTA leaders.  The workshop was extremely interactive discussing the Myth Busters: 1. All fathers and families are involved in education 2. It will never happen here, regarding safe school environments.  During membership luncheon, Scott had the opportunity to train all the conference attendees on their personality styles and communication.  Watch the picture video below and enjoy the sounds from Hooooooog country!!  Woooo Piiiiig Sooooooie!!


Interview with IL PTA President at Convention


Crisis Management for School-based Incidents Seminar

(Sorry about the poor audio quality on the second half of this video.  Turn up your speakers when you can't hear us.)

We had the unique opportunity to host this Homeland Security seminar.

1.  Is your school/district prepared for a school-based incident even beyond an active shooter scenario?

2. Does your school have the attitude and disciplines in place, that noone enters our building or goes near our students unless they have checked in the front office and have a purpose for their visit?


Family Engagement: How do we get them started?

Enjoy this very fresh interview with Cara, School Counselor in IN.  The schools she represents in IN are very fortunate to have this enthusiastic team member supporting their students.


Vision for Family Engagement by an Educator


Family Engagement: Set the expectation and Show the commitment


KS Safe and Prepared Schools – DropINs Program

We had the opportunity to interview Jessica Noble, Director for DropINs.  This program was started after KS held its Droupout Summit in 2009 as part of the America's Promise Alliance effort.


KS Safe and Prepared Schools Conference – Homeland Security

As an organization, we have many opportunities to connect with leaders around the country who guide and direct emergency management preparation.  Sit back for a few minutes and listen to Maj. Gen. Bunting with KS Department of Homeland Security.