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Fundraising Flowers (6 days later) Very pretty still.


6 days later, here's a picture of our CIO's wife's Valentine's Day rose bouquet from the FlowerCause fundraiser.  Still looking very pretty.

Roses 6th day

Get your school ready for Mother's Day!! The opportunity is just around the corner.


The Fundraising Flowers have Arrived


Here's a picture of Valentine's Day rose bouquet our CIO's wife received from the FlowerCause fundraiser hosted over the last couple of weeks.  Congratulations to all who participated.  We look forward to hearing of your school's success!

Get your school ready for Mother's Day!!  The opportunity is just around the corner.



More $$: Your families need great school counseling programs.

S.A.F.E. TEAM could qualify to support your schools counselors by actively engaging families in your school.

Web site:

Purpose: The purpose of the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling program is to support efforts by LEAs to establish or expand elementary and secondary school counseling programs.
• Application Deadline Date: February 26, 2010
• Estimated Available Funds: $15,437,591
• Estimated Average Size of Awards: $350,000
• Maximum Award: $400,000 per year (for each year of funding requested)
Estimated Number of Awards: 44


1 week fundraiser for Valentine’s Day!! Deadline Jan. 31st


Everyone loves giving and getting Rose Bouquets for Valentine's Day!

Sales are EASY! People already spend money for the occasion...but now your school can profit!

FlowerCause has partnered with S.A.F.E. TEAM to promote to all schools and school-based associations/organizations.

Learn More about this SIMPLE FUNDRAISER!

To participate, email your receive your school's ID # and forms to get started!

HURRY - Deadline to submit pre-paid orders is Sunday, January 31, 2010.

A great way to fund your S.A.F.E. TEAM Program or other school needs!