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Crisis Management for School-based Incidents Seminar

(Sorry about the poor audio quality on the second half of this video.  Turn up your speakers when you can't hear us.)

We had the unique opportunity to host this Homeland Security seminar.

1.  Is your school/district prepared for a school-based incident even beyond an active shooter scenario?

2. Does your school have the attitude and disciplines in place, that noone enters our building or goes near our students unless they have checked in the front office and have a purpose for their visit?


“How Safe is Your Campus” Survey Results

K-12 Safety Directors responded to Campus Safety Magazine's survey and here results regarding "Technology".  You may not know all about your campus safety planning, but you will want to learn more.

'How Safe Is Your Campus?' Survey Results: Technology


KS Safe and Prepared Schools Conference – Homeland Security

As an organization, we have many opportunities to connect with leaders around the country who guide and direct emergency management preparation.  Sit back for a few minutes and listen to Maj. Gen. Bunting with KS Department of Homeland Security.


How School Safety Can Improve Student Achievement

Checkout this blog from Campus Safety Magazine.  link

It's the little things that can make a big difference even during a challenging economy.  link


Finding great school safety/security blogs

Checkout Wren's School Security Blog link They have some excellent insight to the issues facing schools, families, students and staff.  No more for us to say about it.  Go check it out for yourself.


Interview with Carolyn Mears (A family’s reaction to surviving Columbine)

Carolyn and Scott Huse met at the International School Safety Conference in Denver, CO.  Scott was able to conduct  a sit down interview with Carolyn.  Listen to her story and learn from her.  Her final comments during Part 2 are also eye opening for many.  Why be prepared and utilize volunteers for your school's safety preparedness?  Because It Can Happen Here.  Connect with us at Schools And Families Engaged to start your S.A.F.E. TEAM program.  (Sorry about Scott's audio quality, but you should hear Carolyn very well.)


Group Discussion “Safe School Environment”

Many are looking to us to answer questions about school safety and involving families as volunteers.  One of the largest groups of individuals asking are members of the National PTA.  Since we are members of the PTA and active on their PTA Great Ideas Bank discussion board, we have launched a group to effectively answer questions.

Join us on the Safe School Environment group page.

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School Safety Conference in Austin, TX

Imagine a state the size of TX trying to effectively communicate the vision for school safety.  They are fortunate to have the TX State Univ sponsoring the TX School Safety Center.  Here's a quick clip from the conference with the Center's director Dave Williams.  Sorry for the static in couple of places.


COMBO’s School Safety Media Article Comments

The goal of posting Media Articles is to provide a national perspective on the need for engaging schools and families. Click on an article link below to be educated, inspired or moved to make a difference in your school community.

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